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Our Apostle


Apostle Dr. Shirley Albritton

Early Life
Apostle Shirley’s compassion and love for people developed at a young age. At only seven years old her father, Wilson Williams, died and she helped her mother, Martha, raise her younger sisters and brothers. She would later complete that task alone honoring a promise made to her mother. During this time, God used Apostle Shirley to love, comfort, nurture, and care for natural children as he prepared her to walk in spiritual motherhood, and become a spiritual mother to the children of God.

Today, God continues to use Apostle Shirley to reveal the powerful meaning of God’s love and inspiration. Told she would never amount to anything her personal testimony impacts women throughout the world and the lives of many have not only been transformed, but saved. Through her prophetic gift, God has anointed Apostle Shirley to speak directly into the lives of many and broken hearts have been healed, marriages have been restored, and many women have been set free from prisons of abuse, shame, pain, doubt, heartache, and fear.

Apostle Shirley Studied at C. H. Mason Bible College in Salt Lake City Utah. She obtained a Masters in Theology from Ameda University, Puerto Rico. Served as Assistant Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. She became an ordained minister under Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in San Diego, California by Pastor William Benson.

In 2007, Apostle Shirley opened the doors to Shekinah Glory House of Refuge. A place where families continue to grow together.

Under Apostle Shirley’s leadership Shekinah Glory House of Refuge is working to partner with local organizations to obtain a G.E.D. program, an Employment Assistance program, a drug rehabilitation center, and a counseling center.

Apostle Shirley is a dedicated woman of God with compassion, love, and grace. She is a woman of strength in the face of adversity. She is an exquisite woman of God with much wisdom, knowledge, and love.

“It is important to leave a legacy no matter where you are in life. It’s all for Christ” 
-Apostle Shirley Albritton

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